Last year we donated over $60,000 to local fundraiser and charities. We understand the difficulties of fundraising and provide our knowledge, resources, and overall expertise to make your next fund raising event a success.

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Fundraisers are often some of our most fun and exciting events for us and our staff.  We often sponsor and donate to the fundraisers held here.  Our venue is a perfect fit providing a large dining area, a silent auction area, live auctions, registration and so much more. We can provide casino games and dealers for your next Casino Night. With unbelievable pricing for your fundraiser we should be your first call.


Farrington Place offers brand new equipment with the best prices! We have portable sound systems, microphones, projectors, GOBO’s, up lighting, portable dance floors, custom built staging and lighting rentals. We have planned over 500 events and over 250 weddings. We are highly specialized in event planning and coordination. Schedule a free consultation to discuss all of the benefits of scheduling with Farrington Place.

Event Planning

Why hire and try to coordinate dozens of vendors that may be potentially unreliable? We have been trusted by thousands of previous clients to do the heavy lifting for you.  We truly want this to be one of your most memorable experiences.  We help you build your itinerary, seating layout, venue layout and coordinate down to the smallest detail to ensure you enjoy the experience stress free.  

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“Eric and Anna were so helpful with assisting us with the hundreds of questions I asked, set up, ensuring everything was perfect. Super friendly staff including the bartenders and cooks! The food was tasted delicious. Everyone at Farrington went above and beyond to meet our needs! Thank you again!”

Tiffany L. Google Review